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Bank & Lender Liability

Everybody knows that banks haven't always been fair.  Especially now.  When you need an equalizer, you might consider the folks who have been holding banks accountable in the Dallas and general North Texas area for more than three decades. 

Lender liability is a common label for a bank's over-reaching against its customers.  Sometimes the law is clear, but often it is not.  There are generally dozens of pages of documents which need to be evaluated, jurisdiction and venue issues impacted by fine print, contract principles to be applied, and all these matter sometimes needing to be dealt with in a short period.  Sometimes bankruptcy has to be considered and referrals are made to quality counsel.  However, often it takes a steadying hand to deal with the financial institution to work out a reasonable solution and litigation is not always the best answer to these problems.   Our aim is to help you work through the complexities of these circumstances.

Our firm represents businesses, family farms and consumers who have been seriously hurt by their lender. We can battle lenders in court. We can also use our lender liability experience to  negotiate workout agreements between borrowers and lenders, agreements that can sometimes result in restructured debt payments and other loan terms.  The actual results in this kind of case, however, are difficult to predict, given the nature of the cases, federal and state regulation,  the condition of the financial institution, and the client's record of timely performance.  However, it's worth a call to Mike Young or Roger Sanders to find out.  Call them at (903) 892-9133.




Lawyers assisting clients with claims  and defenses against banks or other lenders throughout North Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, Plano, Sherman, Denison, and other communities in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, and Tarrant counties.