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North and East Texas Condemnation Attorneys

Have you received a notice that the government intends to take your land to expand a highway, build an oil or gas pipeline, run new power lines, or use it for any other public use?  Experienced Texas land condemnation and eminent domain lawyers will help maximize your compensation.

Maximum Compensation for Your Real Estate, Land or Property

Under the eminent domain process, the government or the pipeline companies and utilities are required by law to pay you fair compensation for your property. Without the help of an experienced Texas lawyer who understands the condemnation process, you may be left with a lowball offer for compensation and few options for making sure you get the money you deserve for your land.

Are you facing the loss of your private land or commercial property to eminent domain? Hire an attorney before the government tries to get out of paying you fair market value for the land it is trying to seize.

Advocates for Your Property and Business Interests

Our condemnation attorneys understand the perspective of real estate property owners. We share the outrage of businessmen and businesswomen who are faced with the forced sale of land on which they have spent a lifetime – and sometimes generations of the same family – building value.

We help clients resolve and get justice compensation in condemnation cases. If you wish to discuss your needs with one of our lawyers, call us at  (903) 892-9133.