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Business Formation

Our attorneys can help you form the best entity for your business. This decision is an important one, in order to protect owners from liability and to minimize taxes. From entity formations to litigation, our attorneys can help you protect your business investment.

A problem many business owners, both new and established, face is forming an entity for their business. Business owners often get consumed in running the business and forget about protecting their profits and shielding themselves from personal liability. This protection comes by choosing the best entity for your business based on a variety of factors. 

What Types of Entity Formations are Available in Texas?
·        Corporations
·        General Partnership
·        Limited Partnership
·        Limited Liability Partnership
·        Limited Liability Company
·        Professional Entities
·        Professional Corporation
·        Professional Association
·        Professional Limited Liability Company
Determining what entity best fits your particular situation depends on the objectives of the business.  This will determine whether your business is prohibited from forming as a specific type of entity. Typically, the two biggest factors in determining which entity will best suit your particular situation are: 1) how the entity will be taxed and 2) to what extent the entity will shield the owners of the business from liabilities arising out of its activities.
If you need help protecting your business, call us at (903) 892-9133. Protect yourself before a problem arises.