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Environmental Law

Both state and federal laws and regulations restrict the particular uses of private property.   Property owners must be vigilant in protecting their intrerests, whether commercial, family, or personal.  Our attorneys have experience in protecting the property and environmental interests of our clients in both state and federal courts in condemnation, inverse condemnation, nuisance, negligence, and statutory causes of action. 

For example, we have represented landowners against pipeline companies, utility companies, and various governemental entities seeking to take land from farmers, retired couples, and young familes just getting started.  While they may have the legal right to take the land, they don't have the right to steal its value from you.  Our firm is one of the few to have helped successfully defeat two major regional landfills in Grayson and Denton Counties in battles against huge and powerful opponents that took thousands of hours lasting ten years and six years, respectively.  We also helped defeat projects pushed by local and regional governmental authorities in something called "Overland Flow" of sewage, a local municipal idea since abandoned.  Against long odds, hundreds of our clients fought these and other projects to curb citizen use of their property. 

We have been honored to be chosen to help in these efforts.  In fact, our senior partner was honored when one of our municipal clients named its city park after him, the Roger Sanders Park in Bells, Texas, a small town with a great heart and stout constitution.

We also have extensive experience in litigation involving pollution and resulting damage to property, battling business and governmental polluters in front of governmental agencies and in court.  If these kinds of issues are impacting you, call us at (903) 892-9133.