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111 S. Travis Street
Sherman, Texas 75090
Phone: (903) 892-9133
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The offices of Sanders, O’Hanlon, Motley & Young, PLLC in Sherman, Texas, may be slightly off the beaten track, but people across the country know our name. We have taken on much larger opponents with impressive resources and national reputations, and won.

Despite those successes, we still practice law one client at a time. Our personal relationship with, and commitment to, our clients is at the heart of our effectiveness. We concentrate on helping you solve problems in many areas, including business litigation and planning, personal injury, and medical malpractice. While we focus on litigation, we often do our best work in helping our clients avoid expensive and lengthy lawsuits.

In any significant legal battle, there will be good days and bad.  You will see we aren't perfect.  And results in areas of potential litigation are not precisely predictable.  The law is often simply not mathematically precise. Even though we can't guarantee particular results, we can guarantee our effort, finding that our best work generally comes when our clients work with us as key parts of a focused, forthright, hard-working team. 

Roger D. Sanders
Anthony O'Hanlon, P.C.
Luke Motley, IV
J. Michael Young, JD, MBA
Laura Gallardo
Upendar Reddy