Business Formation and Contracts

Our firm understands how new and growing businesses are essential in strengthening the local economy and beyond. Whether you are interested in a start-up business, small to mid-size, non-profit, individual entity, or expanding your existing business, Sanders, Motley, Young & Gallardo, PLLC can help promote and protect your business interest.

Business formation decisions are an important phase for any entity. Our firm commits to helping with those decisions while considering implications such as taxes, owner protections, and other risks your business may be exposed to. We are here to help protect your business investment.

Protection starts by choosing the best entity for your business based on a variety of factors.  We are ready to help you evaluate your business and help you select the right type of entity formation.

What Types of Entity Formations are Available in Texas?

  • Corporations
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Professional Entities
  • Professional Corporation
  • Professional Association
  • Professional Limited Liability Company

Entity selection type has direct impact on the success of your business, or profitability. Typically, the two biggest factors in determining which entity will best suit your particular situation are: 1) how the entity will be taxed and 2) to what extent the entity may shield business owners from liability risk.

Our attorneys work with clients in decision making, and also understanding their rights under contracts and the law.  We can also assist in collecting debts from customers and resolving disputes with vendors.

While diverse businesses face common challenges, one size can’t fit all. We help small business owners and managers understand important legal issues that may arise in business operations and possible consequences. Our experienced attorneys provide personal attention to understand the needs of your business, its processes and its industry.

Remember Ben Franklin’s law: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Protect your business before your investment risks consequences.

Contact our attorneys at (903) 892-9133 if you need assistance with promoting and protecting your business interests.