J.L. Love, President of Maximicer, Inc., Georgetown, Texas

“I would recommend these guys in a heart beat. Our little Central Texas company was nearly destroyed by a Fortune 500 corporation basically stealing our company’s invention. After interviewing five law firms, I chose the Sanders’ firm because Roger demonstrated a rare ability to quickly and comprehensively evaluate a host of facts and documents critical to our case. We battled this multinational corporation and its giant law firm for three years. Depositions were taken in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The law firm remained open to our input in carrying out its game plan , displayed a total commitment to our case, and never tried to force us to settle. The Sanders & Motley team pulled together key engineering concepts, tons of documents in intensive pre-trial discovery, and great demonstrative evidence in the federal trial. One of their strongest points was their ability to adapt to the shifting trial-scape (as we learned from discovery) while still maintaining clear focus on the overall strategy. They went the extra mile in every detail. With their help we won our case with a record setting verdict and saved our company. This law firm may be small but it is definitely world class.”

Ron Moyes, President of North American Sleek Craft, Inc., Lake Havasu, Arizona

“We didn’t know Roger’s firm from Adam’s off ox. Never heard of him.  But my business partner and I were directed to him based on strong recommendations from highly qualified Dallas lawyers unable to take our case. It was a complex business contract case involving many millions of dollars and a billion dollar opponent. In a few months of intensive work, these quys worked out the settlement my partner and I had hoped for. I have consulted his firm again since then, despite the fact that my business is a couple of states away from Texas.”

Dr. Jerry Gundersheimer, Sherman, Texas

“Roger Sanders represented me in a lawsuit against my franchisor. We prevailed in the case, despite a substantial counter-claim against me. There was a million dollar swing between what was sought against me and what we were awarded. I owe Roger and Anthony a debt of gratitude for going the extra mile in preparing the case and in court. Anthony discovered an unfindable witness and that, coupled with their evaluation of the trail of key documents, helped turn the tide in my favor. I would recommend this firm to anyone; in fact, I have over the years since they handled my case.”

Rafael S., Hunt County.

“My family was referred to Michael Young by an attorney friend in Austin. My elderly mother was involved in a federal court lawsuit involving over a million dollars of life insurance proceeds. Michael filed important motions and the other side responded by agreeing to a settlement very favorable to my mother. My family was very pleased with Michael’s aggressive representation of my mother’s interests and his prompt responses to our questions. I would recommend Michael and his firm  to anyone involved in a dispute regarding life insurance benefits or the distribution of an estate.”

D. Beasley, Florida

“I could write all day long and it still would not be enough time to adequately praise my attorney, J. Michael Young. He is brilliant and fights with integrity and fairness. There are so many unprofessional attorneys out there that just want to take your money and not put in the time or dedication. I was working with Michael from out of state, while my daughter resided local to his firm. He kept us informed every step of the way. In fact, there was not one phone call or email that went unanswered. His dedication to our case was apparent by his determination to fight for us, but we also felt his dedication to us personally through the support and reassurance he provided when we were ready to give up the fight. I would highly recommend Michael Young to anyone looking for not only a knowledgeable attorney who is a true “go-getter,” but also one that does so professionally, with honesty and integrity.”

Gordon Barr, President of Shore-to-Sea, Inc., Frisco, Texas

“We suffered a loss of trade secrets and related intellectual property when a trusted employee was wooed away by a competitor.  It was seriously unsettling.  We didn’t know what all had been taken.  Our company was clearly at risk.  We were referred to the Sanders’ firm by another lawyer.  These guys stayed with us all the way, from sophisticated forensic computer analysis to complicated document review.  They cracked the case open, finding a critical fact the other side had missed.  I think that is what led to a substantial, but confidential settlement.  In fact, when it was finally put to bed our opponent sent out an email asking all the lawyers on both sides: “So is this nightmare finally over?”  I am glad these guys were on my side in this gut wrenching experience.  We continue to use them as our general counsel.”

Carolyn Dexheimer, Bells, Texas community leader

“My family and the little community in which I live faced an impossible fight against a collection of cities 100 times greater in size and resources.  After several lawsuits and thousands of hours of legal battles, my family and the town of Bells defeated the decade-long effort to force a regional landfill in our small community.  We gained both complete victory and a valued friend.  We couldn’t have done it without the Sanders’ firm.  When no one else thought we could win — when it was absolutely the darkest, our lawyers guided us through the night.  If we’d lost that case, it would have hurt my family, but it would have absolutely devastated lots of small rural businesses, the local schools, and our town.  We’re proud to call Roger our friend and lawyer.”