Gordon Barr, President of Shore-to-Sea, Inc., Frisco, Texas

“We suffered a loss of trade secrets and related intellectual property when a trusted employee was wooed away by a competitor.  It was seriously unsettling.  We didn’t know what all had been taken.  Our company was clearly at risk.  We were referred to the Sanders’ firm by another lawyer.  These guys stayed with us all the way, from sophisticated forensic computer analysis to complicated document review.  They cracked the case open, finding a critical fact the other side had missed.  I think that is what led to a substantial, but confidential settlement.  In fact, when it was finally put to bed our opponent sent out an email asking all the lawyers on both sides: “So is this nightmare finally over?”  I am glad these guys were on my side in this gut wrenching experience.  We continue to use them as our general counsel.”