J.L. Love, President of Maximicer, Inc., Georgetown, Texas

“I would recommend these guys in a heart beat. Our little Central Texas company was nearly destroyed by a Fortune 500 corporation basically stealing our company’s invention. After interviewing five law firms, I chose the Sanders’ firm because Roger demonstrated a rare ability to quickly and comprehensively evaluate a host of facts and documents critical to our case. We battled this multinational corporation and its giant law firm for three years. Depositions were taken in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The law firm remained open to our input in carrying out its game plan , displayed a total commitment to our case, and never tried to force us to settle. The Sanders & Motley team pulled together key engineering concepts, tons of documents in intensive pre-trial discovery, and great demonstrative evidence in the federal trial. One of their strongest points was their ability to adapt to the shifting trial-scape (as we learned from discovery) while still maintaining clear focus on the overall strategy. They went the extra mile in every detail. With their help we won our case with a record setting verdict and saved our company. This law firm may be small but it is definitely world class.”